I started learning about clay as a trade while working at a daycare. It quickly provided a new direction for my life. It led me back to college to get my bachelors degree in studio art with a concentration in ceramics from SUNY Cortland. I then came to Ithaca to work at a local studio, and then with various professional potters. I now work in my small studio on Ithaca's South Hill with my dog, Olli. I participate in local sales like the Ithaca Farmers Market, The Factory Artisan Market, Ithaca Fest, Little Red Wagon, and Clothesline Festival in Rochester. I hope to expand to other cities in 2024.

My perspective on my creations is heavily influenced by my students at Ithaca Youth Bureau. I teach kids classes and parent/child classes. I find I'm often deprogramming kids from the school instilled pass/fail dichotomy, and asking them to expand to see learning as a path of growth. Yes, they may see one thing as a failure, but that experience informs the next project which is better for the previous failure.

The kids also bring a high energy playfulness to my creativity that springs from me and into my own work when I settle into my own quiet space to work. I hope that I can make work that honors their youth and the escape into silliness that adults so desperately need as the world seems to darken.