Can I microwave my pot?

YES! All of my pots are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe when included in the preheat cycle.

When will my pottery arrive?

I ship with USPS. Due to current USPS policies and the pandemic, shipping can be a bit delayed. On top of shipping time please consider the processing time.

Can you explain processing time?

Processing time is the time between you ordering and me turning the package over to USPS. I work to keep shipping time to less than 7 days unless I have some extraordinary conditions including illness.

What's your return policy?

Returns are on a case by case basis. You can initiate a return by contacting me.

Can I find your work in person?

YES! Here's a list of where I'll be and when.

How do you think of your business?

I think of it as a human centered income stream that suppports my personal life as well as my immediate community though direct payments to mutual aid. I leave space in my work ethic to support my mental health and physical well being and I ask that my clients leave space for that. We all deserve it. We are living in scary times under trying circumastances. It can't be ignored.

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