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Kelly Brown Clayworks

flower mug

These mugs have been stamped and glazed vibrantly to perk up the gloomies. Because mugs alone can do that.

These glazes are a variety of finishes, but the all over glaze is a smooth shiny clear and shows the unique speckles of the clay through the glaze. 

Anyway, it's a mug. It can be your friend.




These are 3 different mugs. I have pictures of the front and back of each mug in order, so it goes A1-2, B1-2, C1-2. Does that make any sense? If it doesn't a picture of the specific mug will pop up when you select a specific one. Here are some details.

measurements of note:

mug A height 4" depth 3.5" capacity 14oz

mug B height 3.75" depth 3.5" capacity 14oz

mug C height 4" depth 3.75" capacity 16oz



Ceramic Stoneware

Care information

Microwave and dishwasher safe!