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Kelly Brown Clayworks

Rose Plate

These are soft spoken stunners. They will level you with a look and a nod to all the spring and summer flowering beauties. 

I prefer them hung up like your favorite print, except you get to save the cost of framing. I'd recommend a clip on plate hanger so you can use it for serving on the table and on the wall. 

What makes these plates special to me is the glaze. It has a material in it that isn't being mined anymore, so the glaze is very limited. It's also a glaze that depends on a layer of a tiny tiny wash of oxide to make the pink show up and it varies from plate to plate like the pattern of the slip work. It's a fun way to take advantage of the variation that can come from a cone 6 oxidation firing. Each piece is unique and lovely. yay!

measurements of note:

diameters are generally 9.5 inches 



Ceramic Stoneware

Care information

Microwave and dishwasher safe!