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Kelly Brown Clayworks

Terracotta Planter

You think these look good now, just wait until the terracotta ages. 

Terracotta is the go to for your plants because of its porosity. Not only do they have fabulous drainage, you can also saturate the pot itself to help add a bit of hydration to your little bulbous baby.

Due to the porosity, definitely don't leave these outside during freeze/thaw. They WILL break and that WILL be on you. 

Each pot comes with the drainage dish shown with it. 

These pots have humanity: -consideration -time -love -irregularities -imperfections -a desire to be loved by others as much as I love them.

measurements of note:

pot A height 4.75" depth 6"

pot B height 4.25" depth 4.75" (smaller size noted in price)

pot C height 5" depth 6"



Ceramic Stoneware

Care information

Microwave and dishwasher safe!