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Kelly Brown Clayworks

Fish Dish

There's nothing like a grumpy little fish plate to make a cynic smile. 

This vibrantly glazed fish dish is art and plate, but I guess that's the point of pottery. 

These began at a studio where I teach kids and is often a piece that reminds one of the little children's CLASSIC, Rainbow Fish, which has never been more needed, but I guess it's never stopped being needed. I guess that's the point of literature. 

Anyway, hang it on the wall in the kitchen and serve on it when you really need to impress someone special. It's also particularly appropriate for taking the seriousness of a meal down a few notches.

These pieces are all unique and very special to me as they seem to be a keystone in this new body of work. I hope they can mean something special for the people who enjoy them. 

measurements of note"

length 10" depth 7.75"



Ceramic Stoneware

Care information

Microwave and dishwasher safe!